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The Walking Dead : The Ones Who Live Review

Rick Grimes, one of the best characters in the tv series history is back after 5 years. Because of that The walking dead : ones who live is the most anticipated series and worth the 5 years wait. First they planned it as a movie then changed it into a series. We have 6 episodes in season one.

TWD The ones who live is a big budget TV series. It can be understood from the first episode that the series is made on a big budget. The quality is top notch. This is not an understatement no matter how big the canvas is taken, the old grounded reality is sorely missed. The good times in the farm and prison are still fresh in my mind.

We can tell from the episode that this series is gonna be very intense. And we can see a great performance from Andrew Lincoln. He is trying very hard to get his family. His anger, helplessness and courage are all shown in the very first episode. Now he is with the CRM ( Civic Republic Military ). And we have a bunch of new characters. After watching the first episode, you will understand that Terry O Quinn’s character of Major General Beale will be very interesting. Lesley-Ann Brandt’s Pearl Thorne instantly became a new favorite character. Even though they have very little screen time. Craig Tate as Donald Okafor is still in my mind, his voice too. Episode one ending itself gives a damn high. And we can see Easter egg for Fear the Walking Dead

First episode we have a glimpse of Andrew Lincoln’s performance and second all about danai gurira. Michonne’s mental stature and everything shown in the second episode. One of the best things about the walking dead is the instant emotional connection with characters. It’s been a while since such a character was seen in this twd universe. In this series, we could see a few characters who are instantly connecting. Scenes from The walking dead have been beautifully edited and blended into this series, And that’s very touching. episode 2 ending was not prepared at all. At that moment it’s Totally surprised.

Episode 3 has a different timeline, And it’s not confusing at all. I’m expecting a breathing space in the third episode. In view of the fact that the first two episodes were like a rollercoaster ride, I expected a breathing space. episode 3 ending literally a cliffhanger. Not expecting at all. Episode 4’s major attraction was the episode written by danai gurira. By that token episode 4 was a fully performance oriented episode. Andrew and danai delivered hell of an acting in that episode. Episode 4 shows how vulnerable Rick is. The Episode almost happens in a single location. For that matter, the episode was like watching a great play. Episode 5 fully focuses on jadis. We have a surprise cameo in the 5th episode. Very happy to see him in the TWD spinoff series. There are so many things happening in the 5th episode and I don’t want to spoil it.

While watching the finale episode i just remembered that Jadis says rick and michonne together they can do whatever they want. All the things happening in the finale we realize and we already know that they are destined to be together. Once again The Walking Dead scenes blending with this series is just amazing. The background score is very horrifying in the scene between Rick and Beale. Episode ending was too emotional. The 5 years wait was worth it. Every The Walking Dead fan wished for this. The track that comes at the end of The Walking Dead finale is given as the title track of The ones who Live. The same title track is given at the end of the season finale episode. I was very sad when I heard that track.