Laapata Ladies Review

Laapataa Ladies,” a comedy sattire directed by Kiran Rao, tells the story of a newly married husband who mistakenly brings home the wrong bride after losing his traditionally married wife on a crowded train. The plot unfolds as the husband embarks on a search for his actual wife, while the stranded wife navigates her way in an unfamiliar village, and the mistaken bride grapples with her unexpected situation.

The film focuses into three important subjects: the tradition of “ghoonghat” or veiling married women, the importance of education and freedom for women, and the harmful practices associated with dowry. Ravi Kishan delivers a standout performance as Shyam Manohar, showcasing his versatility and charm once again, particularly in a character grounded in his hometown of Bihar. Sparsh Shrivastav and Pratibha Ranta also shine in their respective roles, displaying depth and emotion where required.

However, the film could have utilized Nitanshi Goel’s talent more effectively, as her character’s potential seemed underutilized. Despite this, the performances overall contribute to the film’s narrative and themes.

“Laapataa Ladies” may not sweep awards or make headlines, but it offers a pleasant viewing experience to a weekend movie. While it may not reach the heights of classics like “Taare Zameen Par” or “Swades,” it provides an enjoyable one-time watch with some thought-provoking themes. Similar to “Peepli Live,” it sparks conversation for a few days after viewing but may not leave a lasting impact. Overall, it’s a film worth watching for its performances and exploration of important societal issues, albeit without the expectation of groundbreaking cinema.