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Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Breakdown & Easter Eggs

The second trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine has been released and along with more plot relevant details, we have gotten more Wolverine in this trailer than from the Superbowl teaser. With this being the only Marvel studios movie of 2024, the Fans are really hyped about the homecoming of the Mutants into the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe and the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

Set to Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” a gospel pop song, which is a possible reference to a line from the first teaser where Deadpool declares himself “Marvel Jesus”, the trailer gives enough clues and major reveals to satisfy the fans until the release date of 26th July comes closer, but what are some of the Major reveals we got in this new trailer?


Just like how the TVA recruited Deadpool for some mission, Deadpool goes on to recruit Wolverine who is drinking from a bar, but it does not go according to the plan.


From the start of the trailer, we see that Logan in his own universe is someone who is hated for some reason and this is something which snaps Logan. Even though we don’t get the exact reason, we get enough clues of ‘Why’ throughout the trailer. Paradox played by Succession fame Matthew Macfadyen explains to Deadpool that this Wolverine is “Someone who let down his world”. Wolverine’s response to Wade’s comment, “Is that what you said when your world went to s***?” is also something which points to Logan doing something which messed up his home world.

TVA discusses Wolverine’s past in his world

TVA, LOKI and the VOID

The TVA and Void established in Loki will obviously play a big part in the movie and most of the major conflicts of the movie is going to take place in the Void. We also see Alioth, the monster of the Void which consumed everything in that place. By the look of all things, we can assume that the aim of the titular duo is to escape from Alioth.

Alioth unleashing the wrath on Deadpool & Wolverine


Since the release of the teaser trailer and the smallest glimpse of the back of the head, fans have been theorizing that Cassandra Nova would be the villain of this movie, and the Trailer confirms the news. Cassandra Nova, played in this movie by Emma Corrin, is the Evil Twin sister of Charles Xavier a.k.a Professor X. While Cassandra has all the powers Charles has, she also has the power of telekenis, which was shown in the trailer itself.

Cassandra Nova is the primary antagonist who is the twin sister of Professor Charles Xavier


The Giant Man a.k.a Giant Version of Ant Man makes an appearance in the movie, but as a skeleton corpse. This is used by Cassandra Nova as her lair and we see some characters like Azazel and Deathstrike around this lair. With Cassandra Nova using this as a lair, it would be a pretty significant part of the film for the duo’s fight against her.

Giant Man’s Skeleton is the lair of Cassandra Nova in Deadpool 3


There are rumors of multiple Deadpool variants appearing in the movie, but we got out first look at DogPool – a Dog Variant of Deadpool in the trailer itself.

Deadpool meets his Dog variant ‘Dog Pool’ in the Void


In the last shot of the trailer, we can see that Deadpool and Wolverine are jumping towards an eldritch magical portal. This means that we might see a sorcerer in the movie who was pruned by the TVA. While this does mean a significant character like Wong or Doctor Strange could appear in the movie, we may only see a small unnamed sorcerer who would tie Deadpool and Wolverine to the main MCU.

Deadpool & Wolverine escapes through the magical portal right before Alioth consumes them

Check out the trailer of Deadpool 3 directed by Shawn Levy and tell us your opinions.

Compiled by Abhiram Sonu