Hi Nanna Review

This Nani starrer is directed by the debutant Shouryuv and revolves around the theme of second chances. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy second chances in life.? Director Shouryuv has been solid while narrating a conventional premise using mainstream cinematic moments. He has brought some freshness in the execution part to present a light hearted tale of love and affection. This is a story that is heavily loaded with drama and human emotions.

Shouryuv lets the audience dive into the world of Nani who plays a dotting single parent and has a curious past. The film’s initial portions revolve around the emotional bond shared by Nani and his daughter. This is duly established with the help of some cheerful moments in the beginning. Soon enters Mrunal Thakur in their life and Nani opens up his past life before them. This is where the film follows a conventional route for romantic portions. Nevertheless, the chemistry between the characters turned out well. This detailed portrayal rather delays a brilliant plot twist that welcomes the audience with a pleasant surprise in the intermission point.

The movie gets a very passionate and touching turnaround post the intermission sequence. Nani delivers a terrific performance as a loving father who is haunted by his past. He plays a worried father who is also troubled by his difficult past. Mrinal Thakur is the puzzle that enters his life who gives a spirited performance after her much-acclaimed character Sita from SitaRamam. She quickly develops a strong bond with the daughter of Nani and the trio builds a memorable connection with the viewers. The child character portrayed by Kiara Khanna is so adorable and is an instant darling for the audience.

Towards the last 20 minutes, director Shouryuv tries to dramatize things a bit. He might have assumed that the story required a necessary villain to just spice up the conflict. This was a formulaic inclusion which felt a bit forced in the end. Mostly, the character played by Jayaram opened up an even bigger plothole in the storyline. The character had a big role to play in the climax but the problem is that this character could have avoided a lot of episodes that had happened earlier in the movie. This character required a carefully constructed arc. Neverthless, the climax episode brought a worthy culmination to this beautiful drama. The bgm boosted the emotional scenes at various parts though the songs felt like a speed breaker especially in the latter half.

Verdict : A heartfelt tale of love and warmth that comes with a couple of twists and filled with emotional episodes.