“Godzilla x Kong The New Empire” Trailer Analysis : Everything we got from the new MonsterVerse Film trailer

The second trailer and a New poster for Godzilla x Kong : The New Empire just dropped yesterday and is filled to the brim with major reveals for the upcoming Titan adventure.

The second trailer is filled with teases and major reveals, and promises a Kaiju Battle Royale of epic proportions. The first trailer for the movie revealed what is coming up for the titular kaiju, like Godzilla’s new pink transformation, Kong’s new armor and weapon, the first look at antagonistic “Skar King” and more. But the second trailer promises that it is not just those, but we will get more from this movie, including more Titans and a few surprises.

What will be the plot for Godzilla x Kong The New Empire?

As the plot synopsis and trailer suggests, Godzilla and Kong’s second movie together is shaping up to be a team up movie of the titular giants against another bigger threat. The duo will be going up against a new Titan called Skar King, who looks to declare war on Titans and humans alike. But the trailer also teased another Titan which is hiding in the shadows and is in alliance with Skar King and looks to be more dangerous than the Skar King. It will take all the might of Godzilla, Kong and a bit of help from others to defeat this threat to the world.

New powers and weapons for Godzilla and Kong

In the trailer we saw both Godzilla and Kong getting new power ups and weapons for their fight against the new threats. In addition to the pink form, Godzilla also gets a new and very different blue color from his previous appearances. It looks like the blue version of the burning Godzilla form we saw in 2019’s Godzilla King of the Monsters. Returning from that same movie is the nuclear pulse attack, and this time instead of glowing red and yellow, it’s Godzilla glowing blue. This is Godzilla’s most devastating attack which will be needed to land an ultimate blow on the Skar King or the mystery evil titan.

Kong is also not left out from upgrades, because after losing his Axe and getting his arm injured by Skar King, Kong gets a mechanical upgrade with a new Armoured Gauntlet. The new glove – named B.E.A.S.T. Glove according to toy leaks – gives Kong the power to emit electrical charges. This is a reference to the 1962 movie King Kong vs Godzilla where King Kong first fought Godzilla and had the ability to use lightning powers.

Skar King and The Mystery Titan, Who are the Antagonists

We already knew from the first trailer the giant red ape, The Skar King will be an antagonist to the titular duo. But here we see more of Skar King and his attacking style, where he uses his bone whip to attack Kong and Injure his hand. Described by the director of the film as the “Representation of the worst parts of humanity” the Skar King in this movie is declaring war on Titans and Humans Both.

We also got a glimpse of the Ice powered Titan which allies with Skar King in this trailer, attacking Kong and freezing the ocean in Brazil with an ice ray. Though not yet shown, earlier toy leaks for the movie had confirmed the name and design of the Titan as Shimo. Based on the way Shimo is still covered up, there might be a chance that shimo will be the big bad of the movie, even bigger than Skar King

The return of the Queen of Monsters

In a blink and miss moment, we just got confirmation of the return of Mothra, one of the most iconic monsters in the franchise. In a quick montage, we see Mothra reflected on Jia’s eyes. What is her role in the movie is not yet revealed, but it is still a big tease. Fans knew she will return thanks to the tease in the credits of 2019’s Godzilla King of the Monsters, but this new tease gives hope that the main duo will get a valuable ally in their fight.

The humans return

Many cast members from Godzilla vs Kong returns to reprise their roles. This includes Rebecca Hall as Dr Ilene Andrews, Bryan Tyree Henry as Bernie Hayes and Kaylee Hottle as Kong’s young companion Jia. Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens will join the cast in a yet to be announced role. There are also a few actors who will not be returning for the new movie, this includes Millie Bobby Brown, Julian Dennison, Alexander Skarsgard and more.

Godzilla X Kong : The New Empire will hit the big screens on March 29 2024.