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Bujji & Bhairava Review

Bujji & Bhairava is an animated series released on Amazon Prime as a prequel to the Kalki 2898AD movie. The story takes place two years before the movie. Expectations from the movie were mixed yet, and now they turned positive due to this two-part prelude. What was supposed to be the core of the series was the most well-executed one too: the chemistry between Bhairava and Bujji. When the musical rights announcement promo raised concerns about the soundtrack, many were worried. However, all doubts have been dispelled now. Santhosh Narayanan’s fantastic themes showcase his versatility beyond typical mass masala and romantic tracks. Earlier, there were doubts if SaNa could capture this world’s essence perfectly, but now I’m placing all my faith in his music.

Worldbuilding stands as the central promise of this series, and it has been fulfilled. The exploration of societal hierarchy, terms, and references has enriched my understanding of the world of Kalki. Introducing this world before the movie was an excellent move. Characters like Anna Ben, Pasupathi, and Brahmanandam make appearances in the series, hinting at their essential roles in the film. Keerthy Suresh’s portrayal as the voice of Bujji was a brilliant choice, as she truly brought the character to life. Hopefully, she continues to voice the Malayalam versions of both the movie and series.

Surprisingly, the animation, initially a cause for concern, turned out to be a non-issue. Though the promo animation appeared whimsical, the actual product featured detailed animations that perfectly complemented the story and worldbuilding of Kalki. It evoked memories of animated shows like Star Wars’ Clone Wars, Rebels, and the Indian episode from the anthology series ‘Visions’ titled ‘Bandits of Golak.’ The blend of light-hearted entertainment and a serious world drew parallels to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films. It appears that this style will continue to captivate the audience in the upcoming film.

However, the major drawbacks appear to be on the marketing front. With only Telugu, Hindi, English, and Spanish audio options, the absence of other Indian languages may hinder outreach and discussions in respective states. Hopefully, additional language releases will occur soon. A broader reach could have been achieved through a YouTube release accessible to all, potentially garnering significant attention. The decision to release on Amazon Prime may have been driven by the need to recoup the series production costs.

Additionally, including Malayalam text in various places within the series was a noteworthy effort. Despite a few errors, their meticulous work in creating such a vast world overshadows minor issues. However, as a Malayali, these errors are of concern. The scarcity of popular fonts and limited reach of the Malayalam language may have contributed to these mistakes.

After viewing this series, anticipation for the film has surged. Nagashwin’s ability to build and sustain a captivating world is evident. This series served as a tantalizing glimpse into the realm of Kalki, with the true adventure awaiting in the movie! This series is a must-watch before the Kalki Movie. It presents an innovative approach to promoting a movie and introducing its world to audiences ahead of its release. While such promotional strategies are common in Hollywood, it’s a first for India. The Kalki Universe has the potential to elevate Indian cinema to new heights.

In a world where clean air and water are scarce, where people dwell under the shadow of a dark empire… A hero will emerge. Kalki will rise.

Compiled By Jinu